Developing Leadership Skills

'Some leaders are born women' - Geraldine Ferraro, first female US Vice-Presidential candidate, 1984

To be a really effective leader, you need two things:

  1. confidence and skill in handling difficult situations
  2. the ability to be politically influential and astute whilst maintaining personal integrity

With these skills in place you can

  • map out the future
  • plan strategically
  • bring people along with you
  • respond to changing situations with clarity and courage.

Handling difficult situations means behaving assertively:

"Assertiveness is treating others as equal human beings by dealing with them in a direct, honest, straightforward way; standing up for your own rights whilst fully respecting the rights of others."

Assertive behaviour is strong, resilient, respectful and uses all the resources of head and heart to get the best results for everyone.

Political influence requires an ability to 'read' the political landscape......

  • who has power?
  • who wields their power most effectively?
  • where are the centres of information and innovation?
  • when and how are the important decisions set up? the gender politics:

  • how are women treated here?
  • what assumptions are made about women or men?
  • how can I make sure I am taken seriously?
  • which fights for equity are the most important?

'Taking responsibility for ourselves: developing women's influence'

is a two-day programme covering these key skills for up to 15 people

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