Coaching for leaders

Coaching for women who want to make a difference.

"Liana wants to work out how to be a credible leader in an organisation where she needs to fit in with the 'macho' norms but doesn't want to compromise her integrity."

"Jenny runs a national charity. It is her first senior post and she wants a 'critical friend' who will listen and comment as she talks through problems that are new to her, as well as learning from her successes."

"Kat is so busy that the only way to take time to think is to put regular coaching sessions in her diary. They restore her energy and a sense of coherence to her scattered life."

What can coaching do for me?

'A coach is someone who takes a valued person from where they are to where they want to be.'

If you want to sort out where you want to be or
think through difficult issues and situations or
gain confidence and skills to enhance your leadership

then I will be:

  • a sounding board who gives an honest response to your ideas
  • a wise companion, who walks with you in the lonely territory of the leader
  • an astute questioner, who enables you to think widely for yourself about issues you are grappling with
  • a skilled observer who gives you feedback on your impact on others
  • a whole-hearted encourager who challenges you to take action

The package: 

- an introductory session to see if we will enjoy working together

- six face-to-face sessions over 6 months

- email and phone contact in between sessions as required

             We're not there yet - so why not get moving...?

Contact me for details of prices and availability on 01483 856827.

Telephone: 01483 856827